Working in partnership with leaders from professional services associations and national experts representing family offices, CEO mentorships, luxury brands, sports and entertainment, the Professional Alliance Association of Centers of Influence (PAA COI) was created to help professional service providers benefit from the organization’s unique collaborative ideology. 

PAA COI’s strategic plan is to alter the landscape for purveyors of professional services and luxury brands, all of whom share a common marketplace. While business collaboration and development will be a key attribute of the Association, support and education on the topic of collaboration, along with quality control and peer reviews will create a new standard of performance that will help elevate these industries and create a better outcome for professional service providers and their clients. 

In the current business environment, a greater need for collaboration has occurred among a wide array of professionals, such as those in the legal, accounting, estate planning, insurance, wealth management, financial planning and taxation fields, and encompasses art dealers, real estate agents, business managers and sports agents.  No longer can their clients in common be served in a disjointed and haphazard fashion. Instead, professionals will find that by collaborating with others, they can better serve their clients’ needs, and their own success will be greatly enhanced. The PAA COI will help facilitate this collaborative approach to business development.


During these challenging times, prospects and clients are reticent to embrace new, untested or unfamiliar resources without a personal introduction or third-part recommendation. Because face-to-face events have been severely limited or non-existent in the current business environment, there has been a progressive migration and a reliance on referral-based endorsements. Turning to a trusted advisor for referrals is a natural occurrence among prospects and clients looking for additional resources and a highly reputable service provider.


A problem exists if clients and prospects are unaware the advisor is a trusted resource for providing referrals to other highly competent professionals. Clients and prospects also must have a high level of trust for the advisor to take his/her advice when making such an important decision, e.g. who they’ll entrust with their money, sharing private information, etc. 


Professionals need to be trained in how to give and receive professional recommendations using a collaborative approach. This time-proven approach to business development ensures companies and professionals will continue to survive and thrive in challenging times. PAA COI provides a huge opportunity for professionals to collaborate with other professional service and product providers. 

After an exhaustive search and detailed interviews with professionals, we’ve yet to find a single association that offers such a narrow scope in purpose, yet addresses the commonality between such a wide range of professionals as the PAA COI. With a focus on such a diverse group of professional service fields and with the intent of promoting professional collaboration, the organization’s sole activity is to foster ethical business development practices and to provide education.


Professional collaboration is universally agreed to be a long-standing primary way for business development.  Unfortunately, many professionals have had a very low level of success with it, resulting in disappointment and frustration. There may be unseen factors that contribute to their inability to collaborate that may or may not be addressable through training –such as the business structure. PAA COI will explore these obstacles and provide workable solutions.

Additional hindrances on the part of the professionals, may be:

  • Structural impediments to collaboration, either on a personal or professional level that may cause a natural antagonism to what the PAA COI is trying to achieve. 
  • Lack of training  that encourages a paradigm shift in professional services education.
  • Limited knowledge for overcoming the obstacles and challenges professionals face when collaborating.

As an association, we will take on an active legislative agenda in Washington focused on business ethics. Engaging in general media exposure regarding the potential risks and liability for clients using less focused professional services individuals, and promoting the value of collaboration and peer reviews is important. 


PAA COI will be the world’s largest professional alliance association focused narrowly on professional collaboration among professional service providers and luxury good providers, all for the sole purpose of greatly enhancing bottom line revenues and the success of the associations, corporations, individual members who participate and the client. With this collaborative group of professionals, dedicated to business development, we can help facilitate successful deal making among the entrepreneur population. As professional services and entrepreneurs experience greater success, they’ll be motivated to back our four missions .


The four missions of PAA COI include: 

  1. Bring collaboration globally to the field of professional services and luxury brand salespeople.
  2. Create a well-coordinated group of individuals with greater capacity to serve and provide greater benefits to their clients and prospects. 
  3. Provide training and education for individuals and teams who serve business owners, high-net-worth individuals and owners of family-operated businesses.
  4. Make financial literacy and entrepreneur skills part of every child’s education.


PAA COI’S long-term goal is to become the largest networking organization in the world with a truly global membership. Short-term goals include:

  • Year one — Develop significant partnerships with high-level executives at associations understand the value PAA COI provides and have a stake in the successful outcome of the association. The focus this first year is not as much on size as having the right kind of engagement with the right kind of individuals, all who are dedicated to resolving the underlying issues as to why collaboration is not happening more consistently and more successfully. 
  • Year two — Launch a major membership and recruitment campaign to expand the membership globally. Initiate campaigns for 1) Professional Services Month, 2) Financial Literary Month and 3) Entrepreneur’s Month – March, April and November respectively. 
  • Year three — TBD


  • Value to Members – Member’s will have ability to not just receive a seal of approval that will separate their brand and quality of services from their competitors, but also will make them a key individual with whom others in the association will want to engage in active business development relationships.
  • Value to Goodwill Ambassador – Not only will they receive the highest education available on professional collaboration, but access to a large group of professional service individuals who are dedicated to business development through collaboration with other professionals. Goodwill Ambassadors will enjoy unique access to the highest levels of the organization and to exclusive events that will enable them to engage with highly valued prospects (COIs).

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